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Oct. 31st, 2009 04:21 pm
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cloves.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

The Clove Fairy smiled on me today.

Gonna be at the Psytrance event tonight after Kennon's party ^__^ I'm trying to decide what to wear now. I thought about bringing my clown mask, but I don't want to have to tote that big ass thing around all night XD It would be entertaining to me to put it on other people and make them (try to) skate around in it, though.

I will have some prints up tonight at Psytrance *^__^* I spent this week working on getting these ready, using Josh's computer as a render machine so that I could get fractals big enough for print. Chris picked them up and said they looked good... I can't wait to seeeeee theeeeem @__@ I hope they look as cool as I hope they do. I have very much wanted to do poster-sized prints for a long time now, so this is exciting~

My eyes are *so* bloodshot, it looks scary :'(

North Georgia Fair.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.


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Caramel Apple Pie.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Oh it looks so yum! :) Off to goth potluck~


Sep. 23rd, 2009 03:03 pm
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After his failed attempt at love, Charles decided to adopt a pet, to sooth his broken heart...

Unfortunately, things never seem to go very well for Charles.

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Sep. 11th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Happy Birthday to the love of my life, [ profile] normal!!!
I love you!

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] triple_phoenix! One day I'll visit your fair state and I'll make you cupcakes :D


Sep. 4th, 2009 12:27 am
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Wheee XD I'm excited about Dragon*Con! Earlier we went and picked up our badges, we had the shortest wait ever, less then 30 minutes! We parked at a nearby garage at 3:04, and left around 3:50. A+! We did get to line jump though, since the lines for our last names were short, but even if we hadn't done that, the line was going pretty smoothly and quickly.

We're almost done with our costumes, woot! I need to pack at some point. There are some panels and whatnot I'm looking forward to but I'm mostly looking forward to hanging out with everyone! And the random people watching & meeting. And the chaos & crazy... It feels like it'll be a good year and good times :D

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend!
Fallout 3 fans will get it...

Perception: -1; Melee Weapons: +5

I fucked up the eye pieces but oh well! I love it in all it's homemade-looking goodness <3


Aug. 30th, 2009 08:12 pm
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blonde.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Blonde emiko time!

0828091157_0001.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Gravity Saber arrived! Yay!

0822091230_0001.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Today she helps us sew :)

0822090223a.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

The look says I hate you, but yet she purrs.

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0822090218a.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Skatha is ready to party!

D*C 08

Aug. 19th, 2009 06:53 pm
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Found this pic from lat year's Dragon*Con, I don't think I posted pics at all... Anyway, just bask in the ultra-cuteness that this is:

Uwaaaaaahhh~ It's too cute! *dies*

Ok, back to working on my mask~

Day 7

Aug. 10th, 2009 12:37 pm
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Seven days have passed without internet at our place :( Sunday Charter sent out a technician to check our lines, after that we had internet in and out for the evening, but nothing stable.

Had a great, busy, tiring weekend. Phobia Friday, got to talk to lots of people and drink drink drink.... Slept late Saturday as a result, installed Windows 7 on my computer (which meant I had to install a new cd/dvd drive as well), while Josh edited his entry to the Tequila and Porn party ^^ The party was wonderful as always! Called an early night and came home. Sunday we spent most of the day poking around thrift stores and Joann's. At some point I picked up a nasty head cold and spent the rest of the evening miserable and sniffly :/ Still a little bleh today but definitely feeling better~

Also started cleaning up our place, so we can destroy it... Now is the time for Dragon*Con prep! I do have some costumes planned for this year <3 I am excited, I can't wait to start working on them XD

Ahh, it is too cold here *brrr* Time to go grocery shopping~

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Aug. 4th, 2009 09:33 pm
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No internet at our apartment all day today :'( Makes me sad! And frustrated >__< Josh called Charter, and they said they'd send someone out tomorrow.. but didn't say when. Grrr~ So I'm at Barnes and Nobles... thank god for free wifi!

I did get a lot of our place clean today though... And finished Mothership Zeta on FO3 XD;;; I hope the internets will be back on tomorrow... I've got pointless things to do and read and look up, ya know?

Emails and etc are on hold 'till this gets fixed. If you're here from EGL or the sales community please direct your questions to another mod ^^

House WTF #1

Jul. 27th, 2009 01:06 pm
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So some of you know, Josh and I are house hunting right now... Many hours of my life have been sucked away looking through listings online to find a place, we've found a few we love, but they never end up working out. I know we'll find The One eventually, I just wish it would happen sooner rather then later XD;

Anyway, I've had to create a folder for pictures, titled 'House WTF', and I really must share this gem I found.

We went trolling around yesterday, just looking around, and one of the places I had on the list.. was really special. From the pics online it looked like it obviously needs some (a lot) of work, but they couldn't really convey just how... special... it really is. Broken and/or shot out windows, graffiti, murder shack and a stage in the back yard, all that, but the real winning feature was this:

The in-ground hot tub, that may or may not have ever worked. There were some ceramic ducks in and around it, and some electrical cables just falling into it.

Even better- it was located in the front yard!!! Awesome. It should have been one of the selling points on the listing.

0711091259.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Greetings from Rock City!

There is a thrift store a few minutes away from our place, that I frequent pretty often for various and sundry things. More often then not there is some form of either entertainment, or irritation, caused by the people shopping there.

Today it was mostly irritation~ There was an old guy there arguing with the Mexican lady that works there, in that way that old guys can only argue- loudly and self-righteously. He was pissed, and I mean, fucking pissed, because she had been speaking *gasp* Mexican to a Mexican customer. She was just like, "Calm down, you can talk to my manager if you want", and he's just going on and on how he was a war veteran and that he supports AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY EVER and that when people are talking in languages he doesn't know, well then they might be terrorists!

He continued on some other tangents but I was distracted by the older black lady next to me (we had been watching this go down) tsking and shaking her head and saying that people who couldn't speak English they should go back to their country and be poor and use up their country's resources, so on and so forth.

The last thing I ever really want to do is get into fights with old people at the thrift store, and I had definitely reached my quota of human interaction by this point, so I just went on my way through the store trying to avoid everyone.

However, I did get to hear the best question though, posed to a parent from their son;

"What's on the other side of the universe?"

But they were walking away from where I was so I never found out what was at the end of the universe :( It didn't seem like his mom had an answer though. Anyway, thanks kid for leaving me wondering!

[14:53] normal: Wow, that's an awesome question. And the correct answer is a lot of space, did they have one.
[14:54] emiko: it didn't seem like it, i was expecting to hear heaven at least, but they were walking away so i don't know if he ever got an answer
[14:56] normal: Oh god, that answer would have been great to hear. Then it would be fun to explain that since the universe is made up giant number of light years across and nothing can travel faster than light when you died it would take another made up giant number of years at least before you could get to heaven. Meaning you would spend more time getting there than you ever spent alive, and wasn't that a cruel trick by god.
[14:56] normal: And then when dad got all upset smile and tell him that science and faith can live happily together.

Racist assholes and perplexing questions aside, I did have a lucky day thrifting. I went to find some things for my outfit for Ritual, found a Betsy Johnson top for $3, and picked up a bunch of awesome '70s - early '90s patterns for 25¢ each~ Mostly dresses and skirts, I can't wait to get into them :)