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Last night we went to [ profile] ninsun and [ profile] ozgolith's place to help M decorate for Christmas~ I snapped a cute pic of the baby-demon-kaiju-kitty scoping out the potential evil to be had upon the pink Hello Kitty tree

The Hello Kitty tree is so sweet~ If we had room I might do the same.

I looked at a house for us to rent yesterday, but we decided not to go with it, since there wasn't any available street parking, and the road it's off does get a bit of traffic. So we extended our lease here for another 6 months, and in the meantime we'll continue to hunt for a house to buy.

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Dec. 25th, 2008 12:21 am
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I hope you all will have a merry christmas ^^

I when I was little I'd always watch this animation called 'The Snowman'. It's all music, no spoken parts or anything. Josh downloaded it for me last year, and I still like it XD Yesterday we were at Target and they had this Snowman plushie and book set!!! Totally unexpected <3 Josh bought it for me as a xmas present.

Merry Z-mas!

Dec. 22nd, 2008 04:28 pm
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We sent out some Zombie Playset Xmas cards today <3 I was going to use this photo for them but it just wasn't meant to be... So I altered some existing cards instead XD I have a few left, so if you'd like one, let me know <3
Oh, oh, I totally forgot about this but here it is for anyone that cares XD

Cookbooks! Interesting, vintage, old, new, etc~

And books you've enjoyed. I love reading XD

Gift Certificates to Sock Dreams <3

New (to me at least) boots *___* And clothes... that's a given at any moment though.

Paid LJ account time ^^

Self-healing cutting mat and rotary cutter XD;
(or g.c. to Joann's, ehehe)

Handmade things <3

Time to hang out with you!

Cicek ^^;; Always have to have something unattainable...


Dec. 26th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Rouge icon, why not?

Woooooooot Christmas is over! XD Almost~ Still have to see a few people to give some presents, but then that's it~

I go a few things this year :) Hehe, I got a few NICE things actually~ The best being a loverly new leather underbust corset from [ profile] normal :DDDDD Oooooh, I can't wait to show it off~ I really really love it ^____^

Today we went out on our post-Xmas shopping extravaganza... I left Target about $50 poorer, oops! ^^; We went all over this place today- Hobby Lobby, Post Office, Target (twice), the Total Wine store, the shoe store... No wonder my wallet is so empty ^^;;; Ah well. I got new shoes to wear with my fancy dress for New Year's, and new boots... OMG NEW SHOES THAT WEREN'T BOUGHT AT THE THRIFT STORE *fans self* Well, really Josh bought them with money from the family, but they're new! Crazy~ I still have to take the dress in now that I think about it.

Soooo tired, I think it might be time to have some food. Tomorrow I will sleep in... maybe XD; And hopefully nothing will happen or come up at the last minute tomorrow and [ profile] missmeganmaude will come over and we'll have Christmas again~

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season :) Mine is great!

it never ends

Dec. 21st, 2007 12:07 pm
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha, I can only laugh right now, otherwise I'll cry.

I was going to go out to do some last-minute x-mas shopping here and there, and stop by Hobby Lobby to pick some fabric and whatnot.

But my car is dead. I can only assume it's the battery since nothing in there will turn on.

Weep, moan, whine, etc )

Last night was fun though~ [ profile] missmeganmaude came over to learn some silk-screening and to hang out a bit, so I was able to give her her birthday present (I forgot to take a picture though)~ [ profile] cocinecro came over too to play Rock Band, and [ profile] gizmomage popped by and I sewed up his hoodie. [ profile] normal bought some more barbeque from the place down the street, and oooohhhh, it was so good ^___^ We have some leftovers so I'm going to go fix some for lunch. It was nice having a lot of people over.

Wednesday we saw Sweeny Todd, and it was great! I enjoyed it, though I know Josh was waaaay more excited about it then me XD Can you guess what our costumes for next Dragon*Con might be? Hehe. Anyway, I got early x-mas presents from [ profile] ninsun and [ profile] ozgolith~ Lots of Hello Kitty and a pair of goggles (I'm sure you can figure out who gave what, lol)! Now I have a giant HK stocking and new HK Christmas ornaments! YAY! XD I had complained about not being able to find any cute ones this year, since all the HK ornaments at Target are pretty much the same as last year, which are rather similar to the ones from the year before, which of course I already have. Maybe one year I'll be able to have a whole Hello Kitty Christmas tree like Megan suggested, hehe.

I feel better now then when I started this post (almost an hour ago), so yay~ I hope you didn't suffer too much from reading this. Since I can't go out I'm going to work on cleaning up the massive pile of clothes that has taken over, and bake some cookies or something~

Oh, and my Christmas Wish List!

-My car to be fixed
-A Paid LJ Account Thank you [ profile] feachador!!! I love youuuuuuuu <3
-Stripy Socks, or a gift certificate for Sock Dreams ^____^
-Or a gift certificate for Target .__. I love Target~!
-A new garter belt XD
-More cook books, especially about baking cookies, cupcakes, sweets, etc.
-My own sewing machine, so I can have one when Megan needs hers back XD;
-Some sort of shelf-thing for the wall over my computer so I have somewhere to put all my silly knicknacks and whatnots.
-More silly knicknacks and whatnots for the shelf-to-be.
-Peace on earth, etc.

/long post, finally!


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