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August 2014


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Watch out, else he may steal your heart as well!

Knit knit knit, it's about the only thing I feel like doing lately. I had intended to make a skirt this week as well, but this handsome little fellow demanded all my attention, so I gladly gave it to him.

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Oct. 27th, 2011 12:26 pm
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My summer knitting project, I actually finished it a while ago, but if we're friends on the Facebook, you've already seen this!

I'm pretty pleased with how this lovely little thing came out, although I'll admit, I would rather just look at it then wear it.
Well, hopefully just posting some pictures of my knitting doesn't cause you to think I've become a crazy cat lady or have lost interest in everything else. I just want to show off my newest ability to successfully make things out of some string and sticks!

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Because I needed another hobby, right? I suspect my obsessive-yet-lazy nature is going to drive me insane eventually.

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Feb. 23rd, 2011 04:33 pm
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Even though I haven't posted in almost seven months, I haven't given up on you. I read you daily, even if the posting going on on my friends list has decreased dramatically.
Like in real life, I sometimes have no idea what to say. I would rather be quiet then spout out dumb shit, which I am sadly very good at. But, in doing so I keep myself from saying almost anything. I second guess myself too often. I wish I could stop that. I haven't really figured myself out at all, not even a tiny bit it feels like.
I am pretty under the weather this week, so I'm in a off mood to begin with. Next week I may feel differently about myself.

I knitted a little robot-monster-thing for Josh for Valentine's

Well, I still don't have anything profound to say, I just felt like posting something.

Gearing Up...

Aug. 24th, 2010 09:13 pm
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Can't be bothered to make a real post, so just a pic of something I started working on this week for Dragon*Con, to wear with this dress I found at Goodwill last weekend...


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May. 6th, 2010 11:29 pm
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I finally did something crafty, feels like it's been a while ^^ I found these horrible/wonderful flowers at the dollar store a few weeks ago and knew I had to buy them for a project. They're just SO bright and fluorescent and uwah ugly D: I really hate strongly dislike orange, but I was no match to the siren call of these flowers. I gawked at them, picked them up and carried them around for a while, put them back, only to return T__T

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So, along with a new Psytrance-appropriate hair piece, I will have two new prints to show as well:

Fallout 3 fans will get it...

Perception: -1; Melee Weapons: +5

I fucked up the eye pieces but oh well! I love it in all it's homemade-looking goodness <3

Thank you [ profile] uglor <3

You can't see the shirt too well, but it was pretty awesome, I think~


Been trying to source vinyl this week, I want to make another version altogether... I'm happy with how it all turned out though, but it could be better~

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Apr. 14th, 2009 03:28 pm
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So yesterday I wrote about the skirt I wanted to make- "I don't really have high hopes"

Apparently these were magic words, because my skirt turned out wonderfully without any hassle! I had a much more difficult time making the red linen skirt. This one didn't turn out 100%, only because I didn't/couldn't top stitch the edges of the vinyl ruffles... I took a stab at that, failed, and decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I also think I should have ruffled the tulle separately from the vinyl so it'd be more poofy. This is a skirt for clubbing though, not for tea, so I think it is ok if it's not totally perfect~

I realize it may not look too impressive, but guys, I fucking ruffled vinyl on the serger!!! I really did not think that would work... Now I just have to make a top and some bows to go with it~

*happy dance*

scottie bows

Nov. 15th, 2008 03:22 am
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Maaan, I never got pics of any of my Dragon*Con outfits, I particularly wanted a few of this outfit but forgot to take any to show off~ I made this to wear to the lolita's tea party at the Ritz, I decided to wear it again this week just because~

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I made the hat, the vest, and the skirt with some fabric I found at the thrift store... I think it was about 8 yards for $5! Awesome <3 The blouse and shoes were also thrifted~ Much love for the thrift stores over here. I made a little handbag to go with it a well this week:

The print is really not my usual style, but who cares, I thought it was cute enough for a lolita coordination. Next week I'm going to work on a set for Abbie Kun with this fabric <3 Then we can be cross-country 'twins' XD Hehe.


Nov. 1st, 2008 01:20 pm
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Woooo Halloween is over! *is dead* I was up far too late this morning and awake too early ^^ Oh well. Maybe I'll take a nap later before Weasel's party!

Our Costumes... )

Oh, and b/c so many people asked, "What does a giraffe sound like?"

Go to 1:50 and watch~

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Oct. 9th, 2008 05:46 pm
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Skatha is a very good helper kitty. She makes sure the fabric doesn't get away.
Soooooooo.... We got a new sewing machine recently I finally put it to work today~

I swear the wall isn't dirty... it's the mirror...

OTK 'Button Up' Legwarmers XD They don't really button up, sadly, because it's just impossible to make button holes with the sewing machine on a knit sweater.

I bought a (new!) sweater and a ugly dress with tons of buttons on it from the thrift store for about $6. They came out pretty much how I expected them to- a bit wonky in places, but still wearable to a club night or something.

Speckschnittenlebkuchenhaus - Bacon Ginger Bread House made with bacongingerbread and baconcreme frosting! The Anti-Craft did their Beltane '08 issue all about bacon (I forgot to check the site until today, oops)~

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Mar. 21st, 2008 10:13 am
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I actually made this the other day but have been lazy about posting it~ I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! It's a charm I made from the squirrel illustration i did a few weeks back, and Shrinky Dinks! Yes, they still make that stuff, I love it XD

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Hehe, I made something today XD A purse! I made a skirt earlier this week but I haven't finished up the accessories yet... This is definitely my most complex project I've worked on, I'm actually really surprised it came out so nice *___*

It's for a loli gift exchange from [ profile] egl... My partner listed sweet and gothic as her styles, so I picked sweet since I had this cute fabric I really wanted to use ^^

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