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Feb. 10th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Finally updating about the weekend XD Friday was Phobia, we took [ profile] bejipan with us, and I brought cupcakes!

I made Chocolate with Strawberry Frosting, and White Russian cupcakes. It may not look pretty but people seemed to enjoy them ^__^ I had a fun time, didn't take many pics though :/

Saturday we slept late then went out to L5P and met up with Chris, Torch, and Dave at the Vortex <3 I love the Yokohama Momma burger they have *___* Drank more, ended back at home with the Charlotte boys... Decided that sleeping was a much better option while Josh and Torch went out to Crimson Web...

Sunday, woke up, did some dishes, went shopping for some cake things, then off to the Highlander to properly celebrate [ profile] orwellsanimal's birthday! With more drinking!

And Photos! )

Good times XD I had a lot of fun, well, up until the ride home ^^;; I'll spare everyone the details, but damn, I'm glad my Josh loves me ^^;;; A lot.

Yesterday we got a new dishwasher, hooray! Today I am venturing into gluten-&-wheat-free baking, let's hope it goes well!

0125092229.jpg, originally uploaded by emiko42.

Making crème brûlée

Josh's coworker Kevin found the most perfectest cake for me!!!

A Hello Kitty Zombie Cake!!! *____* I particularly like it paired with the cheerful, non-zombified HK party tablecloth, nice touch!

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Sep. 27th, 2008 12:25 pm
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[ profile] stupid_drawings's had a pretty awesome Heroes and Villains party last night for her birthday! You know it's a party when the cops show up ^___^ We went with [ profile] mastergode, [ profile] bejipan, [ profile] deapheuphoria, and [ profile] scary_mary... No pics though, boo =(

I made cupcakes in theme, too!

Heroes vs Villains Cupcakes

I thought it was clever 8) I spent far too long on Thursday trying to decide what would be an opposite flavor to the absinthe, 'till I stumbled upon a honey frosting by accident. Which was, let me say, a pain in the ass to make~ I totally fucked up the first batch and had to re-make it a second time, which I thought was going to fail as well but in the end came through for me <3 OMG, it is soooooo tasty, definitely worth the work and I'll make it again in the future~ I really just wanted to eat it out of the bowl... The Absinthe frosting was interesting, I used a pretty straight-forward dark chocolate frosting and mixed in "about" (measuring? what? I just threw some in) a half-ounce of [ profile] normal's homemade 'rock-gut' absinthe. You can definitely taste the anise, and mixed with the dark chocolate, has a very... unique taste about it. I thought it was pretty good.

Anyway, I'll shut up about my cupcakes now~ Today we're going to go look for a sewing machine to buy, hooray! Then to the fair with Chris, Marisa, Adam and Kristy... Unfortunately we'll be missing out on the Furries VS Klingons Bowling Re-Match!!! We had a lot of fun at that last year, but I am sure we'll have more fun at the fair =) I have been thinking of eating cotton candy ALL WEEK.

Speckschnittenlebkuchenhaus - Bacon Ginger Bread House made with bacongingerbread and baconcreme frosting! The Anti-Craft did their Beltane '08 issue all about bacon (I forgot to check the site until today, oops)~
^___^ I made it work somehow! Well, we'll see how [ profile] normal likes it since he's the martini guy, but I'm writing this one off as a success! A+++!!! Will buy from again!

As always the frosting carries more flavor, but the cake has a nice, subtle martini taste if you eat it alone. Not too light but not in-your-face and without that crazy 'Jesus Christ why does anybody drink gin?!?!?' taste.

I am actually a bit surprised that these came out so well... I really like them, which is saying something because I rarely actually like anything I bake~

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Jul. 2nd, 2008 11:37 am
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On my way to discover if I can make a martini cupcake... I've managed to dig up one or two recipes from food blogs on making them, but there seems to be a problem- Not enough alcohol! Also, both recipes I found don't seem very martini-ish, one is Vanilla Nut Martini Cupcake and the other is Caramel Appletini Cupcakes... Both sound great, but I'm aiming for 'Wow there's a martini in my cupcake!' so I'm just gonna make my own recipe... That's how I roll, I make up things with the Kitchen Aid 8) I'll use Josh's favorite martini, the Vesper cocktail~

An interesting find in my search, Bacon Cocktails! Bacon infused vodka!!!

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Jun. 23rd, 2008 10:08 pm
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zombie vs homemade animal crackers! New video game perhaps?

Flower's Atom
by ~emiko42 on deviantART

Another one down... This time I'll just link it from my DeviantART account~

Had a good weekend! Saturday we went to JoAnn's and bought a ton of clearance fabric and patterns to work on~ Looking at them is a little scary, hopefully I'll be able to make some sense out of it all soon. Later we went to the event at La Bam~ I thought there would be more people out! But it was fun seeing everyone that was there =) The space is, of course, amazing, it'd be wonderful to have a tea party there ^^

Right now I've got some cookie dough in the fridge waiting to be baked! Dun dun dunnnn~~~


Jun. 12th, 2008 10:57 pm
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Do you know what these make??

Animal Cracker cutouts!

O____O Gotta have them! Although the 'seal' looks a bit like a retarded baby alien... Whatever, there's a giraffe! ;___; So cute <3

I love Animal Crackers... My mom would always buy me a box when we went grocery shopping, and then when I was working at Peachtree Park Prep, they were one of the snacks for the kids, and, well, I'd end up eating them too... So my love for Animal Crackers has not diminished! I am however unwilling to drop $20 I don't have on these though, so I might just try the recipe first and see how that turns out, then talk someone else into buying them for me save up my pennies to buy them... =)
While writing my postcards I realized I should put my glasses on, so I wouldn't have to put my head on the desk to write them... I don't really need glasses normally, but for some reason when I write I always seem to feel the need to get closer to see better... I don't know, it's weird. So I figured I'd take some photos to post.

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Feb. 16th, 2008 05:30 pm
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Hope everyone had a good Valentine's~ I was lazy and didn't make cupcakes 'till yesterday, but they were just as good ;) I took many with me to share at [ profile] spring4thcenter for [ profile] hexxt. Most of the time the convo went like this:

Me: Would you like a cupcake?
Victim: Oh, they look good, but I think I'll pass...
Me: They're White Russian~
Victim: OKAY *gobble gobble*

I think if there is a next time for these cupcakes I might use the whipped creme as a filling and make a buttercream frosting for the top~ I'm really in love with how the cakes came out, pretty much perfect! I would make a whole cake out of this <3

I'll post the recipe I used from [ profile] bakebakebake (beware: Food Porn Ahead) with my annotations. I followed it to the letter this time, except for one ingredient~ If you're not used to baking, don't skip or skimp on a step because you're lazy! Soften that butter and don't overmix.

White Russian Cupcakes )

My cupcakes. They are made of fail. :(

I would post pictures, but I'd rather not. Josh says they're good, but I don't really think so (I don't think they taste like anything, except frosting)... Also, none of them rose above the liner, only 2/3 of the way /:( And, they're just weird. The tops kinda... have this crystallized sugar shell over them, which is actually pretty cool, but kinda not at the same time. I think next time I'll stick to use the electric mixer and forgo the 'hand whisk batter' direction unless it's necessary... I don't know what went wrong, I know I followed the directions and ingredients correctly, so methinks it's the oven being gay. Yeah, I'll just blame it on the oven...

So instead of posting pictures of cupcakes, I'll post this one instead:

[ profile] normal and I


Aug. 8th, 2007 07:57 pm
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For the past few days or so... No, I'd say since a few weeks ago really, I've been obsessed with making cupcakes. I haven't made any from scratch yet, but the plan for, perhaps tonight, is to make some Pink Lemonade cupcakes with buttercream frosting...

Anyway, since then I've been reading food blogs, and more specifically cupcake blogs. I have tons of them book-mark to check up on, but I wish I had a cookbook software so I could save the recipes for reference, later use, and to print them out easily (I found a few free programs but they all lack what I want in one package :'/ Boo).

Well, now that the internet has provided more things for me to take interest in, I have more want to make cupcakes then reason to make them. Dilemma! Maybe we'll actually get around to inviting people over and I can make them eat cupcakes too ;)

Maybe there will be pictures of sexy-naked-baking-time! Or not!

PS I not realized I really hate hand-writing recipes. If anyone perhaps, you know, has a printer they don't use anymore... I can put it to good use!
Cleaned up the computer room today... Found a number of lost cds and dvds, some stuff I got from Target some months ago, and quite the variety of stuff. In this mass I found some marshmallow ice cream cones I got from Target when they had their Easter stuff still.

I almost died when I saw those marshmallow ice cream cones there! I used to have them all the time when I was still in New Jersey, and only ever had them when we went to visit family up there- my mom could never find them here in Georgia (since it's too hot)... So, it was quite surprising to find them at Target.

I found them online... Though the ones we would get didn't come individually wrapped, they came in a plastic tray.

Well, I just devoured the last two I had. I still love them! <3