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Nov. 2nd, 2011 06:09 pm
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Found out that LBK had Feline Leukemia. I've been in tears since I picked her up from the clinic.


Feb. 19th, 2008 06:29 pm
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Sometime this weekend I told a friend either he or I would get the plague this week.

I think I'm going to win that one ^^;

Been coughing all day, chest and throat hurt now, etc. Josh has gotten sicker again, he stayed home today with a fever again.

Blaaaaaaah. I don't wanna get sick ;__;

Edit: Oh yeah, 101.4 temp :'( No wonder I feel like hell. I need a nurse to come take care of us!

it never ends

Dec. 21st, 2007 12:07 pm
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha, I can only laugh right now, otherwise I'll cry.

I was going to go out to do some last-minute x-mas shopping here and there, and stop by Hobby Lobby to pick some fabric and whatnot.

But my car is dead. I can only assume it's the battery since nothing in there will turn on.

Weep, moan, whine, etc )

Last night was fun though~ [ profile] missmeganmaude came over to learn some silk-screening and to hang out a bit, so I was able to give her her birthday present (I forgot to take a picture though)~ [ profile] cocinecro came over too to play Rock Band, and [ profile] gizmomage popped by and I sewed up his hoodie. [ profile] normal bought some more barbeque from the place down the street, and oooohhhh, it was so good ^___^ We have some leftovers so I'm going to go fix some for lunch. It was nice having a lot of people over.

Wednesday we saw Sweeny Todd, and it was great! I enjoyed it, though I know Josh was waaaay more excited about it then me XD Can you guess what our costumes for next Dragon*Con might be? Hehe. Anyway, I got early x-mas presents from [ profile] ninsun and [ profile] ozgolith~ Lots of Hello Kitty and a pair of goggles (I'm sure you can figure out who gave what, lol)! Now I have a giant HK stocking and new HK Christmas ornaments! YAY! XD I had complained about not being able to find any cute ones this year, since all the HK ornaments at Target are pretty much the same as last year, which are rather similar to the ones from the year before, which of course I already have. Maybe one year I'll be able to have a whole Hello Kitty Christmas tree like Megan suggested, hehe.

I feel better now then when I started this post (almost an hour ago), so yay~ I hope you didn't suffer too much from reading this. Since I can't go out I'm going to work on cleaning up the massive pile of clothes that has taken over, and bake some cookies or something~

Oh, and my Christmas Wish List!

-My car to be fixed
-A Paid LJ Account Thank you [ profile] feachador!!! I love youuuuuuuu <3
-Stripy Socks, or a gift certificate for Sock Dreams ^____^
-Or a gift certificate for Target .__. I love Target~!
-A new garter belt XD
-More cook books, especially about baking cookies, cupcakes, sweets, etc.
-My own sewing machine, so I can have one when Megan needs hers back XD;
-Some sort of shelf-thing for the wall over my computer so I have somewhere to put all my silly knicknacks and whatnots.
-More silly knicknacks and whatnots for the shelf-to-be.
-Peace on earth, etc.

/long post, finally!

Poor Vice

Dec. 9th, 2007 11:01 pm
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Uuuuuuhhhhhh What a weekend. Started out great~ Went to Phobia and had a good time there as always :) Saturday night I worked... Slow night but still had fun talking with people.

This evening though sucked. Josh and I took my car to fix the air pressure in my tires, then were heading out to Wally World so I could pick up some patterns for bags, but were detained from the mission because I got slammed into at a light >__< We heard tires screeching, then BAM! The person behind us rear-ended my poor baby Vice.

We moved out and over to a nearby church parking lot. The back bumper surprisingly didn't take any damage, but we could still smell gas... Not sure if it was from my car or not, since her radiator was leaking massively, but we took a look underneath, and there is a part of the frame that looks bent down. Another look from inside the trunk was more telling- there is a huuuuge indentation in the middle of the frame back there, and the thing that holds the spare tire is out of whack. We had the car towed back home since we're not really sure if it's safe to drive, because even when the tow truck guy got there, he said he could smell the gas too.

*sigh* My neck and shoulders hurt like fuck still (this happened around 6pm)... My head feels like I got hit with a brick. Otherwise though, we're fine.... She hit us so hard though our hats flew off our heads and landed in the back, so it's no wonder I still feel like a wreck myself.

Now I am just worried that the damage could be more then the car is worth. I'm hoping not :/ I wonder how long I'll be out of a car.


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