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Jul. 9th, 2010 02:26 pm
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I guess I kinda forgot to post this big news (unless you follow me on FaceBook, then this is old news...)- we finally bought a house! Hallelujah! It only took us a year of searching, haha! Lots of stumbles and chaos along the way but we found the perfect place for us :)

Link To More Pics!

I'm really happy we finally moved out of our old hell-hole apartment! This house has a ton of space and I can't wait to get the deck fixed up so we can have a big housewarming party~ Can't wait to get the sewing/craft room set up so I can start making things <3 Aaaaaaahhhhh it's so nice to be home!

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Dec. 6th, 2009 07:39 pm
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I had an incredible stroke of luck today~ We stopped by TJMaxx so I could find something to wear with my dress for Josh's company's Christmas party next week, and I found these pretties~

A pair of Valentino for Wolford tights for $20 ♥ ♥ ♥ Marked down from their original price of a mind-boggling $110. They're quite gorgeous, but I dunno if they're $110 gorgeous *lol*


Anyway, since summer we've been in the market to buy a house. We put an offer on one in August, but since it was a short sale it's taken forever. We heard back from them the day before D*C, did the paperwork, then had to wait on the bank to make a decision on whether or not they'd sell it at that price. We didn't hear anything back until the day before Thanksgiving, and probably the only reason we heard back at all was b/c Josh threatened to terminate the offer.

So we set up to do the inspection this past Thursday... What a mess, we couldn't even go inside because the people were still in there and had the deadbolt locked! Well, the times we had looked at the house before, the downstairs sliding glass door was always open, and it was, so we went into the basement. Well, long story short, our inspector gave us his professional opinion on the place, just from the outside and the basement- run run run ^^ And that we did.

God. It's disappointing, but I think I'm more irritated because of how long all of this fucking took, for nothing. So now we have to scramble to either find a place to rent, or try to get a six-month extension where we already are.

Uhg, I feel so tired now.

House WTF #1

Jul. 27th, 2009 01:06 pm
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So some of you know, Josh and I are house hunting right now... Many hours of my life have been sucked away looking through listings online to find a place, we've found a few we love, but they never end up working out. I know we'll find The One eventually, I just wish it would happen sooner rather then later XD;

Anyway, I've had to create a folder for pictures, titled 'House WTF', and I really must share this gem I found.

We went trolling around yesterday, just looking around, and one of the places I had on the list.. was really special. From the pics online it looked like it obviously needs some (a lot) of work, but they couldn't really convey just how... special... it really is. Broken and/or shot out windows, graffiti, murder shack and a stage in the back yard, all that, but the real winning feature was this:

The in-ground hot tub, that may or may not have ever worked. There were some ceramic ducks in and around it, and some electrical cables just falling into it.

Even better- it was located in the front yard!!! Awesome. It should have been one of the selling points on the listing.


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